Visit Cannes in an armchair

In March 2007 the town of Cannes and CSTB organised a presentation of the Cannes 3D digital model in the Le Corbusier Immersion Room at CSTB in Sophia-Antipolis.

The Le Corbusier Immersion Room is unique in the construction sector. The room is designed to facilitate the design, consultation and communication process for plans made by owners and designers, in terms of architecture, town planning and regional development.

Cannes 3D is the first digital model for a European town that is of a scale that allows a viewer to view design changes to an urban space. Cannes 3D enables the viewer to start from the Iles de Lérins, fly over the sea to La Croisette, vary road traffic, change the appearance of a façade or the species of trees used or include a new building in a district etc. Cannes 3D is a genuine tool for cooperation, understanding and communication, its objective is to:

  • provide additional information to the Local Town Planning Plan, evaluate the impact of new urban developments and prevent construction mistakes
  • prevent and limit the impact of natural catastrophes and environmental nuisance by simulation of physical phenomena
  • help to attract tourists in Cannes by offering a real-time interactive visit
  • present the existing situation of the town in a three-dimensional view and enable projection into the future.

The model is now available to all services in the town of Cannes. It can be used interactively to ‘browse the town’ from a standard PC.

Future applications and developments could include simulation of acoustic impacts such as those associated with a heliport, discotheque noise and road traffic management on the main roads.

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