Non-profit Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building

The Non-profit Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building (ÉMI Kht.) is the legal successor of the Institute for Quality Control in Building (ÉMI) founded in 1963 and the Institute of Building Sciences (ÉTI) and has been for decades an organisation with increased responsibility and highly specialised scopes of activity. The company is in 100 % state ownership. The number of employees is 180. The headquarters are in Budapest, seven branches in the countryside (Szentendre, Győr, Veszprém, Szeged, Pécs, Miskolc, Debrecen).

Our activity covers the entire field of building and building materials industry. We participate in the conformity certification of products used for buildings. Through our expert advice and consultancy services we provide assistance for companies in building. By performing test, experiments and preparing studies we help construction businesses develop building materials, products or technologies and we also participate in the preparation of professional regulations and official measures. We perform our main activities on the basis of the joint degree No. 3/2003 (January 25) BM-GKM-KvVM issued by the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Economy and Transport, and the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development on the detailed rules of the technical requirements, conformity certification and putting into circulation and use of building materials and products.

Our main activities are as follows: Attestation of product conformity and of production control systems, first type testing of products, elaboration of European Technical Approval (ETA), Issue of Building Technical Approval (ÉME Építőipari Műszaki Engedély), a Building Technical Approval (ÉME) is elaborated in the lack of a valid standard or an ETA, Provision of engineering expert opinion and consultation: expertise, consulting, training, Research and development, Technical regulation.