Objectives and Activities

The European Network of Building Research Institutes (ENBRI) was founded in 1988 to bring together principal building and construction research institutes in Europe. Its 23 members employ in total over 4000 professional research staff. They undertake a wide range of research and innovation actions relevant to construction and the built environment, and manage unique research facilities.

The ENBRI Network provides a full coverage of topics for the construction and built environment and guarantees a steady up-dating of international knowledge and experience for the construction sector.

The aims of ENBRI are to

  • Promote the benefits of investment in construction research and development in construction and the built environment at national, regional and European levels.
  • Promote co-operation among its members, and work with the European Commission and stakeholders of the European Construction Sector in order to contribute effectively to the improvement of competitiveness, sustainability, quality and safety of the built environment.
  • Advice policy makers and wider public on issues related to research and innovation in the built environment in a proactive and agenda-setting approach.

As a founding and active member of ECCREDI and ECTP, ENBRI provides assistance in the preparation of consensus views and submission of policy papers and contributions to Commission reports and EC Communications.

ENBRI has been among the initiators of the EC funded thematic Network TRA EFCT “Targeted Research Action on Environmentally Friendly Construction Technologies” under the 4th Framework Programme and was one of the main actors of the Thematic Network E-CORE “European Construction Research Network”, established under the 5th Framework Programme and funded by the Thematic Programme “Competitive and Sustainable Growth”.