ENBRI Issue 39

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  • Twenty years of ENBRI
  • Construction technology specialists in Serbia
  • Deluxe energy saving apartments at Trondheim, Norway
  • Belchatow Brown Coal Mine Cooperation
  • Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague, Czech Republic
  • Moisture damage in rendered, undrained, well insulated stud walls
  • Advanced energy efficient renovation of buildings in Switzerland
  • The BRE Trust companies – building a better world
  • Development of a new antigraffiti system, based on traditional concepts,preventing damage of architectural heritage concepts
  • DOCETpro - web: energy certification tool for buildings
  • The Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute
  • Construction at the edge of the habitable world: Innovation Center Iceland (ICI)
  • The "Grenelle de l’Environnement" : a catalyst for innovation
ENBRI Issue 38

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  • Modeling of the City Port of Split
  • The ENBRI Annual Conference - October 2nd 2008
  • MICROCON - Solutions to reduce raw material costs of cement based products by using Micro-Technology
  • Good airtightness pays - Airtightness problems and profitability
ENBRI Issue 37

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