Building Testing and Research Institute


Studená 3
SK - 821 04 Bratislava





The Building Testing and Research Institute (TSUS) was established in 1953 and registered as a public non-profit making institution since November 2002.  It has 8 branches in several regions in Slovakia and its main activities cover the following areas: 

  • Certification of construction products;
  • Technical approval of construction products;
  • Certification of quality systems;
  • Testing of construction products;
  • Research and development, such as test and health monitoring methods,durability of materials and products, numerical simulation of construction behaviour, etc..;
  • Load testing of prefabricates and building and civil engineering constructions. Certification of quality systems;
  • Review of diagnostic of design and execution of construction works. Testing of construction products;
  • Calibration of measuring appliances.