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TNO applies scientific knowledge with the aim of strengthening the innovative power of industry and government. Each day some 5000 professionals work on developing and applying knowledge. 


  • provide contract research and specialist consulting;
  • grant licences to patents and specialist software;
  • test and certify products and services, and give an independent quality assessment;
  • set up new companies to commercialise new innovation.

Developing and applying innovative knowledge: that’s what we’re all about.

Building and construction

TNO takes responsibility in building innovatively. Working in a wide range of areas from a healthy living and working indoor environment to the development of innovative materials. And from low maintenance quality infrastructure to energy producing buildings, we are working towards a durable future. Our keywords are safe structures and energetic buildings.

We believe that the improvement of the living and working environment as well as a revilatisation of the built environment only happens where parties work together on technological development. TNO’s unique combination of in-depth technological know-how, broad network affiliations and operational independence help bring about these changes.

In addition we also act as the initiating force. We are a strategic partner on the technology front for leading companies, in order to help guide the modernisation process that is called for.