Innovation Center Iceland - Building Research


IS - 112 Reykjavik



Innovation Center Iceland is a leading R&D and business support institute in Iceland. The Center was established in 2007 with the merger of the Icelandic Building Research Institute (IBRI) and the Technical Institute of Iceland (IceTec). The expertise gained after decades of working with research institutions, industry and academia, in addition to extensive experience in managing and cooperating domestic and European R&D projects, makes Innovation Center Iceland the partner of choice for a variety of projects.  

ICI has two core divisions. Icelandic Technological Research specializes in diverse fields of research, such as nanotechnology, renewable energy and concrete rheology. IMPRA at the Innovation Center Iceland assists entrepreneurs in start-up, growth and management of SMEs.  

Building Technology Research in structural engineering, material technology, construction technology, surface treatment and acoustics. Independent supervision of construction products and structural units. Certification of construction products in compliance with standards and regulations.

Road Research and Geotechnics Research and testing of aggregates for use in constructions. Research and testing of asphaltic mixtures and cored specimens. On-site monitoring and testing. Participation in European standardization in the field of aggregate testing and production and road materials.

Concrete Research Research on durability and quality of concrete, maintenance and repair methods and concrete development. The department specializes in high performance concrete, high strength concrete and self-compacting concrete.

Testing Testing in the fields of concrete technology, building technology (including acoustics), road technology and geotechnics.