Technical and Test Institute for Construction

The Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZUS Praha, s.p.), state enterprise, continued on its previous long-years´ cooperation with the certification bodies from Germany (LGA Nürnberg), Slovakia (TSUS Bratislava) and Hungary (EMI Budapest) and, along with them, established the base for the creation of the association called the European Cooperation for Information/International Certification Engineers – ECI ICE, which, on the basis of analyses of requirements in respect to the individual groups of products, ensures the issuance of national certificates on the grounds of the mutual acknowledgement of results of tests, supervisions and plans for collection of samples.

In the year 1997, the Institute was a co-founder of and became the representative of the Czech Republic in the World Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations – WFTAO.

Since the year 1999 The Technical Testing Building Institute Prague, state enterprise, has been, along with other 16 European countries, a due member of The European Union of Approval- UEAtc.

Till the moment of a full membership, preconditioned by that of the Czech Republic in The European Union, the Institute will take part in sessions only as a national representative, a member – observer, namely in those of The European Organization for Technical Approval – EOTA, a body established by the European Committee. The Institute succeeded in maintaining its professional standard, did not lose its position in the branch and, in the year 2002, the services provided represented as much as 56% in respect to the total capacity of the Czech market in the field of enterprise in question.

The above-cited fact can be also documented by the economic results of the last years. The Institute succeeded in defending its position in the growing competitive environment, even under new legal and economic conditions.

TZUS is also a member of ENBRI, the European Network of Building Research Institutes.