Technical Research Institute of Sweden

SP applies its internationally competitive competence to the development and evaluation of technologies, material, products and processes to meet its customer’s needs and provide an effective link between research and commercialisation. Important areas of activity are Building and Facility Management, Wood Technology and Wood Construction and Energy and Environment.

SP is involved in the entire chain, from outline design, detailed design, construction and building operation and management, to demolition and re-use of all types of buildings and civil engineering structures. We provide the construction sector with services ranging from testing, advanced calculations and investigations to applied research projects.

SP provides an important link between fundamental research at universities and the particular need of applicable knowledge of companies. Working with universities, coupled with active participation in the European framework programmes, helps to maintain our strong position in a world where technology is developing ever more rapidly.

SP is notified for certification, testing and inspection of construction products, and is also accredited for certification of quality and management systems.

SP has built up an extensive network of national and international contacts, and is active in many different research contexts at national and international levels. We are also involved in the development of international standards.