The Building Research Institute

The basic aim of research and development works carried out in Building Research Institute is to ensure the quality of Polish building industry and to protect the interests of users of the construction works. 

Scientific studies and development efforts carried on by the Institute in the field of construction embrace a wide scope of subjects related to fundamental requirements of building law that should be met by building facilities. They include safety of structures, fire safety in the buildings, safety in use, rationalization of energy and water use in buildings, protection against noise and vibrations, hygiene, protection of health and environment, durability of civil engineering works, maintenance and modernization of construction works, installation systems, sustainable development in the building area.

As a result of carried out works, Institute develops:

  • the bases of technical and functional requirements for buildings and building products,
  • methods for calculation and designing of building elements,
  • test methods and assessment criteria for construction works, their elements and building products,
  • technical bases for the building policy of the State.  

Within the Building Research Institute, the accredited Group of Testing Laboratories is operating, including 10 laboratories, with the task of conducting specialist tests of materials and construction products, and assessments of environmental pollution. Testing is carried out i.a. for purpose of product approval and certification, it may constitute the basis for labeling domestic construction products with the B mark, and products in the area of the European Union, with the CE mark.

The scope of the Institute operations includes research activities carried on for business entities, local and regional administration units, and courts for the purpose of assessing technical condition of  buildings, in situ tests of buildings, and laboratory tests of products, as well as expertise and consultation services in all the specialities represented in the Institute.