Institute for Testing of Materials (IMS)

IMS Institute Belgrade

The Institute for Testing of Materials (IMS) participates in practically all major building projects in Serbia, through design, control, testing and on-site supervision of works and materials. However, the strength of the IMS Institute lies not only in laboratories, but in its own developed building technologies and prestressing systems.

Numerous projects, decades of tradition of professional activities in mentioned fields, a series of realized objects in the country and abroad, state of the art equipment and specialized highly qualified human resources, have recommended us as a reliable partner to numerous important investors, contracting companies and consultants and have resulted in many acknowledgements.

Activities of the IMS Institute in the Field of Building

  • Architectural and civil engineering design
  • Consulting and engineering services
  • Interventions in the zones of protected building heritage
  • Investigation, testing and rehabilitation of civil engineering and mechanical structures
  • Laboratory testing and certification of materials, products and processes
  • Maintenance, reconstruction and revitalization of power plants and other facilities
  • On-site supervision and control
  • Production of prestressing equipment and prestressing works
  • Research, development and application of construction materials, building technologies and prestressing systems