Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment

CSTB operates closely with its partners in the building industry such as construction professionals and manufacturers. Its status allows it to be independent of any specific sector of the industry and to lead a multi-discipline approach to innovation and to solving the construction industry’s most complex problems. CSTB includes more than 300 engineers, research workers and experts in a wide range of topics such as building materials and techniques, equipment, safety, thermal energy, acoustics, aerodynamics, lighting, environmental and health issues, advanced information and communication technology, as well as economics and sociology. CSTB assists manufacturers, building contractors, engineering firms, architects and contracting local, regional or national authorities, as well as advising Public Authorities on technical regulations and construction quality. CSTB activities consist mainly in:

  • exercising the fundamental research works,
  • proposing its know-how in consultancy (study, technical assistance) to manufacturers, architects, building owners and authorities,
  • evaluating the innovative techniques and products for French and foreign manufacturers,
  • bringing its assistance to administration in setting up the regulations, the standards and the European normalisation.